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WHAT IS eHumanize?

eHumanize is an Experiential eLearning™ platform that delivers transformational digital learning and highly engaged onboarding resulting in extraordinary retention and profound behavior change.

Founded by learning leaders known for top-rated curriculum, eHumanize uses a unique, patented and profoundly effective learning methodology (based on educational research) – to deliver stellar outcomes.

Why does it matter?

Education Changes the World


Flat. Impersonal. Disengaging.
It results in poor retention, trivial learning outcomes – and negligible behavior change.

People deserve more.
Companies demand more.
Society needs more.

We are here to fix it.

exciting, interactive onboarding for your new hires



Many new employees who are onboarding remotely feel disconnected and disengaged (despite our best efforts).

The result: Half-engaged employees.

Onboarding through eHumanize is DYNAMIC, PERSONAL, CONNECTING.

People deserve more.
Companies demand more.
Society needs more.

We are here to fix it.

How are we fixing it?


eHumanize is a transformational eLearning platform, grounded in The 4 Essentials of Engaged Learning – and backed by educational research.
Through the eHumanize learning platform, students:

  • Connect with fellow learners
    and educators for real-time practice.
  • Get human feedback on personal performance.
  • Apply the lessons to real work and life situations.



Testimonials for the onsite version of this Experiential eLearning course

what they say about us

Companies waste billions of dollars on eLearning products that offer little value and even smaller behavior change.
Learners are frustrated and disengaged.

Through the eHumanize platform, leaders  immediately practice professional tools in real workplace situations – offering instant ROI. This is what company leaders want to see.

According to a Forbes article, companies spent 87.6 BILLION dollars on corporate learning in 2018 and:

    “…a fair amount of that $87.6 billion gets wasted” 

Why does it get wasted and what is the solution? 

“Any professional development that encourages employees to change their behavior…requires some form of follow-up and reinforcement to ensure the new knowledge is being applied.
eHumanize offers REAL LIFE application + RICH reinforcement.
Since COVID, online learning is surging. According to a recent Udemy report:
  • “Course enrollments across the entire Udemy marketplace platform increased more than 425%.”
  • “Since February 2020…overall consumption across Udemy for Business increased 80%.”
Education Changes the World

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