The Executive Presence Training

Experiential eLearning version

Experiential eLearning: The Executive Presence Training – now as an online leadership course!

– What is it? A whole new online leadership course method!

The very same award-winning Executive Presence Training tools that are top-rated by leaders from Google, Facebook, more – but delivered through Experiential eLearning. Affordable – and scalable. Pre-sales pricing before 2/15/21 is 60% off. Reserve seats now.

Your leaders: 

WHY this new Experiential eLearning method?

Traditional eLearning is Dehumanizing. Flat. Impersonal. Disengaging.
It results in poor retention, trivial learning outcomes – and negligible behavior change, wasting your corporate training dollars.

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Experiential eLearning: Learn, Practice, Apply — Patented. Revolutionary.

Here’s how it flows:

With this revolutionary Experiential eLearning platform.

you can expect the unexpected:

Note: The Experiential eLearning version of The Executive Presence Training can be used as a skill reinforcement program (for former participants) or as a first-time introduction to students unfamiliar with The Executive Presence Training.


We believe in the equality of all races, genders, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations – and the empowerment of all people. Power for Everyone.

Talking about inclusion is wonderful – but talk isn’t enough. Give your teams actual tools that boost equality. Our online training for managers is research-based. Studies show that learned power results in better executive functioning, a tendency to approach challenges – and more.

Our corporate trainings offer tools that help leaders to get seen and heard in the right way. In this way, this business training levels playing fields and shrink gaps.

Our Vision: May all beings remember their full magnificence and benevolent power. Cream of the Crop Leaders: a unique management training company offering a unique online leadership course method and modality.

Our research-based approach focuses on effective and transformational learning experience methods.
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