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Guided by our rubrics, your leaders will give and receive feedback about each others' performance (your leaders will learn by viewing others’ performance)!




Your leaders will partner up for real-time video practice, guided by our rubrics. 

Creates STRONG alliances. Hugely teambuilding.




Your leaders will APPLY the tools immediately to REAL workplace and personal situations.





During this unique online leadership course - based on the award-winning course from Cream of the Crop Leaders - your team will

  • Connect with each other for real-time practice
  • Get personalized, human feedback from each other about their performance
  • Be guided in applying the lessons to real situations within your organization (brings instant ROI to your organization
VIBRANT and WARM:  We encourage risk-taking and mistake making.  Ready for an online leadership course with massive teambuilding and skill-building?  We aim to be one of the virtual team building companies that makes a remarkable positive difference to your organization.
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Learn Practice Apply

  • Your leaders will learn the very same tools top-rated tools found in The Executive Presence Training from Cream of the Crop Leaders, now via the online leadership course method called Experiential eLearning. Skill building + an online teambuilding workshop.
  • From one of the most thoughtful virtual team building companies, eHumanize, we bring you online training for managers, directors, VPs and the C-Suite. 

See course details.


Course Components


In this online leadership course, your leader will Learn, Practice and Apply the VERY SAME tools taught in the onsite version of the top-rated Executive Presence Training in order to:

  • Radiate a commanding, credible presence – despite pressure, fear or circumstance.
  • Create buy-in with key stakeholders
  • Look – and truly feel – confident – in high-profile, high-pressure situations.
  • Create strong rapport with colleagues, new and existing clients, and personal associates
  • Inspire others and become an inspirational leader
  • Flip confidence-eroding thoughts (we all have them) into thoughts that boost professional and personal confidence using our Thinking Tools of Top Performer

Just a few of The Executive Presence Training components that your team will learn in this online corporate training:
Power + Confidence
Courage & Risks
Deliver Like a Thought Leader
Radiating Dignity
Digital Presence
Establishing Yourself
Creator Mindset
Trust & Believability
Inspiring Others
Warm Rapport
Anchoring Plan
Speaking Truth


From one of the most thoughtful virtual team building companies, eHumanize, we bring you online training for managers, directors, VPs and the C-Suite. 


Also: Use eHumanize for an interactive ONBOARDING experience for your remote workforce.

Nuts + Bolts

  • Time Commitment
    • Approximately 2 hours per week
    • Solo: Most of this is solo, so your leaders can practice at times best for them.
    • Pair Practice: About 20 minutes per week involves practicing with another team member (an Ally) in your organization’s private cohort.
  • Risks + Mistakes:  We love mistakes! After all, learning occurs when we move outside of our comfort zone. Pair practice sessions are safe, loaded with our encouragement to take risks.
  • Cadence: All cohort members take the course at the same pace or cadence. This allows for effective partner practice. Example:
    • Week 1: Everyone in your cohort learns and practices components 1 – 3. This way, everyone is ready to practice the component 1-3 lessons together. 
    • Then, during week 2: Everyone learns component 4 and practices these tools.
    • Learn more about cadences below. Cadences are important to completing this online leadership course successfullly.

About Cadences

  • Like most executive education programs, this program is supported by a Cadence.
  • This means that each cohort (up to 20 participants) learns together at the same tempo.
  • Since everyone learns new content at the same time, the peer practice sections are vibrant and effective. Both Allies arrive to the peer practice sessions fully prepared, having just reviewed the same material.

As one example, when all participants commit to completing 3 components per week:

  • Week 1: Everyone completes Components 1 – 3 largely on their own time, then meets with an Ally via live video (through the eHumanize learning platform) for shared practice + personalized feedback.  Our icebreakers make it warm and our instructional rubrics make the Ally practice EFFECTIVE.
  • Week 2: Everyone completes Components 4 – 6 largely on their own time, then meets via live video (through the eHumanize learning platform) with another cohort member for a shared practice + feedback session.

Remember: These 2-3 weekly learning hours are exciting, fun and active, and include application to real workplace scenarios. Meaningful online corporate training. A highly teambuilding online leadership course. 

Testimonials for the onsite version of this Experiential eLearning course


TEAM online leadership course that is also


Your leaders learn + practice together.

Reserve a Private Cohort for your organization.

Ready to up your team’s game?

Through the eHumanize platform, your leaders will immediately practice professional tools in real workplace situations – offering instant ROI.

Team building: Your leaders will develop close, working alliances.

Make good use of your training dollars. According to Forbes, companies spent 87.6 billion dollars on corporate learning in 2018 and “…a fair amount of  that $87.6 billion gets wasted.” Don’t waste your on ineffective or dull online training courses for managers.

Contact us about reserving your special cohort.

eLearning for Humans.

In this Executive Education experience, your leaders will:

  • LEARN the very same tools found in the top-rated Executive Presence Training from Cream of the Crop Leaders
  • PRACTICE solo and with your cohort team
  • Get REAL feedback, specific to their performance
  • APPLY the tools to real stakeholder situations within your organization.

Experiential eLearning from eHumanize.

via Experiential eLearning

The Executive Presence Training

2+ month-long educational journey: Learn → Practice → Apply! Teaches the very same award-winning onsite Executive Presence Training tools that are top-rated by leaders from Google, Facebook and more – but delivered through Experiential eLearning:  Learn, Practice, Apply —

Patented. Revolutionary. 

Designed to transfer the very same transformational learning methods we use in our top-rated onsite Executive Presence Trainings to a BRAND NEW eLearning format.

  • 2+ months executive education experience of The Executive Presence Training course material
  • LEARN – PRACTICE – APPLY to real situations within your organization
  • A cohort of your employees will begin at the same time (if you’re looking for one seat only, don’t worry – reserve a seat in a special, public cohort).

Here’s how it flows:

  • Each employee learns the top-rated Executive Presence tools via our personal, exciting videos – similar to a private coaching session with CoFounders Dan and Sioux
  • Then, your leaders practice the tools together – using our instructional rubric.
  • Then, each applies these tools to real workplace situations within your organization for HUGE, INSTANT ROI.
  • Minimum, Maximum:  No minimum or maximum amount of licenses for this online corporate workshop.

Note: The Experiential eLearning version of The Executive Presence Training can be used as a skill reinforcement program (for former participants) or as a first-time introduction to students unfamiliar with our leadership presence course. 

Engage your team in online corporate training that is interactive, social – and feeds the spirit.  

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