Educational Research is Clear: Risk taking is essential for true learning and growth.


Risks Create Deep Learning Engagement

Therefore, eHumanize encourages students to TAKE RISKS and make mistakes.  All throughout the course, students are prompted to PlayBig. The bigger they play, the more we donate.

That’s right: We SO believe in the transformational learning power of risk taking, and we’re SO committed to each student’s learning, that we donate a portion of our proceeds every single time an eHumanize student takes a learning risk.



Read more below about our wonderful donation partner, Hope House.

Hope House Detroit

A community center for kids located in the low-income, marginalized eastside of Detroit. Based on the power of human connection to change the world. Real.Crazy.Love.

Hope House offers community and fun, activities and food, laughter and conversations – and Love – for young and old alike.

Other Ways to Support Hope House

Let Hope House know that you’re an eHumanize friend.

Create a smile: Donate an item from Hope House’s WISH LIST
Let Hope House know that you’re an eHumanize friend.

Local to Detroit? Volunteer in person at Hope House.

Make a Cash Donation – Direct to Hope House